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PANTHER - Classy is the original black. Black glitter, enough said! From our Foil Reflect range, incredibly shiny with a foil finish. Perfect for adding that ‘extra’ glam to your night or day look.


Wing it - step up your eyeliner game. Place a small amount of our amazing adhesive over your eyeliner, dab Panther over the top and sparkle.

For face and body pair with our amazing adhesive. Its incredible staying power will last longer than any weekender! Use your fave hair gel to vamp up any hair style. 

Gel nails – Brush on to inhibition layer and seal with top coat.

Acrylic nails – Dip acrylic bead into the glitter and apply to the nail.


  • Cruelty Free and Vegan, obvs!!
  • It’s BIG! 10g of glitter, x2, x3 more than some leading brands.
  • Premium Cosmetic Grade, only the best for our glitter queens.
  • Ultra-Fine in texture.
  • In a gorgeous leak proof pot, we don’t want you to waste any sparkle.
  • Solvent resistant. I will not run or lose my colour, perfect for gel/acrylic nails.